Did you know that your heating and cooling system requires regular maintenance? This maintenance not only ensures your system will be working when you need it, but can also help your system work more efficiently and last longer. Our expert technicians at Poway Air Conditioning and Heating make it easy to keep your heating and cooling systems in top shape with our affordable maintenance plans.

Benefits Professional Heating and Cooling System Maintenance Services

• Fewer Breakdowns: Many breakdowns of heating and cooling systems could be avoided with regular maintenance, such as cleaning filters to prevent debris from getting into systems, replacing ducts before leaks occur, and cleaning hard water buildup and rust. Fewer breakdowns mean fewer emergencies, and thus fewer costs on repairs!
• Lower Utility Bills: When heating and cooling units are functioning optimally, they will run more efficiently. This can mean drastic savings on your utility bills.
• Warranties: If your air conditioner or heating system has not been properly maintained, then the warranty might be void.

Our Air Conditioner Maintenance Services
We take air conditioner maintenance seriously and inspect all aspects of the unit to make sure it is running at its best and to avert any potential problems. Here are just some of the tasks we perform during our maintenance visits, if needed:
• Clean or replace air filters
• Lubricate bearings
• Adjust dampers and valves
• Replace belts
• Tighten electrical components
• Clean drainage lines
• Recalibrate temperature controls
• Inspect condensation pumps
• And more!

Our Heating Maintenance Services
Our technicians are licensed to inspect, maintain, and repair all major heating systems, including furnaces, heat pump systems, and HVAC systems. Depending on the system in question, our maintenance visit may involve the following tasks:
• Adjust thermostat
• Clean or replace air filter
• Lubricate bearings
• Take ampere readings
• Check compressor crankcase heater
• Inspect for leaks
• Check heat anticipator
• Adjust tension belt
• Check fan controls
• Check safety shutoff
• And more!

Call Us Today to Schedule a Preventative Maintenance Visit
We know that you have better things to worry about than heating or cooling maintenance. That is why we strive to make the process as easy as possible for you. We offer flexible scheduling, fair rates, and unbeatable customer service. Put your mind at ease and call us today to have a certified technician perform a preventative maintenance checkup. You will be glad you did!

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